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Looking for individual wealth management services? Consider McCoy Foat Wealth Management Group, where you’ll have access to a comprehensive array of financial services – everything you need to turn your financial dreams into reality.

  • mccoy-foat-wealth-management-groupInvestment Strategies – You’ll get top-notch investment strategies that include exchange traded funds and institutional quality third-party money management.
  • Tax Planning – We specialize in tax efficient investment strategies. We’ll stay in continued touch with your accountant regarding your tax planning needs, and we’ll work with your accounting team to develop your comprehensive tax picture.
  • Protection Needs – No financial plan is complete without products that protect against risk. We’ll evaluate your current insurance coverage and suggest what we consider appropriate for your circumstances, including life, disability and long-term care products.
  • Retirement Planning – What type of lifestyle do you want when you retire? Whatever your goals, the time to start planning is now. We can help you prepare for your retirement years with investment vehicles that may provide asset growth, added income or both.
  • Estate Planning – Act now to ensure that your estate is distributed according to your wishes after you are gone. We use various techniques to ensure that your family, your business and your favorite charity are taken care of in the manner that you wish.
  • Financial Planning – We’re here to help you achieve your financial goals with a comprehensive and integrated approach. We’ll help you determine your current financial position and cash flow, review your insurance protection and build a cohesive strategy to wrap your investment, retirement, tax and estate planning strategies together. We can also include college funding and gifting strategies.
  • Strategic Alliances – We work comfortably with your current professionals or can recommend local attorneys, CPAs and other professionals who are part of our strategic network.

Innovative Strategies

Ready to try something new?

Old strategies don’t always work in evolving economies. If you’re not seeing the results you want, it’s time to change your strategies. At McCoy Foat Wealth Management Group, we use innovative financial planning tactics that you probably haven’t seen with other advisors.

You can advance with confidence, knowing that we’ll protect your assets and manage your wealth while you progress on your new financial path.

Our Process

You can’t advance along the path of financial success without a roadmap. At McCoy Foat Wealth Management Group, we use a five-step process to ensure that your plans never get off track.

  • Discovery – We help you identify what your financial goals are, as well as what they can be.
  • Evaluation – We help you evaluate your current financial strategies and how they are impacting your goals.
  • Recommendation – We help you develop new financial strategies to achieve your goals.
  • Implementation – We coordinate the implementation for you. We can work with your current financial advisors, or you can work with ours.  Either way, we help you make sure it gets DONE.
  • Monitoring and Adjustment – Once you have implemented your financial strategy, we help you monitor and adjust it to stay on track – so you can achieve your goals.

What You Get

Why should you trust us with your financial goals? When you work with McCoy Foat Wealth Management, you can count on all this:

  • A Personalized, Empowering Relationship – You deserve to feel informed, empowered and confident about your choices. We’ll study your unique needs and customize a plan that achieves your goals.
  • Flexibility and Adaptability –McCoy Foat Wealth Management clients enjoy the flexibility and adaptability of custom-fit solutions, instead of using the same third-party money managers used at many other firms.
  • Precision and Control – Want an alternative to traditional mutual fund portfolios? We’ll help you evaluate the option of using exchange traded funds to achieve greater precision and control over your investments.
  • Tactical, Proactive Approach – In addition to the typical buy and hold strategy, you’ll learn about the advantages of momentum investing to help you proactively identify and follow trends in today’s financial markets.
  • Tax Integration – With one convenient partner for all your tax, accounting and wealth management needs, you can feel confident that your overall financial plan is integrated and that all strategies work together for you.

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